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Frequently asked questions

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions often asked or wondered about and their answers.

  1. What is swinging?

  2. Do you allow single men to attend?

  3. Do you allow single women to attend?

  4. I am a really big girl and/or I have scars, would I be accepted?

  5. I am a big guy, would I fit in with this group?

  6. What are the rules of your events?

  7. Do you take pictures at your events?

  8. Why do I have to apply for membership?

  9. Can I just come to watch?

  10. Is race or ethnicity a factor?

  1. What is Swinging?

    Swinging is one of the oldest forms of group entertainment, having been practiced by man for thousands of years!

    Many people who write on the subject of swinging state that it is a fairly modern practice started in WW2 by members of the American Air Force. However in various forms it has been around for a lot longer than that. The ancient Greeks and the Romans were heavily into group sex sessions and many writings and pictures exist from these periods describing the action, and many households kept servants whose sole function was to keep the mistress and master of the house sexually satisfied. The European upper classes through the 1700-1900's were also keen proponents and many paintings, drawings and photos were created showing them, and often their servants, having fun.

    Swinging, also known as partner sharing, partner or wife swapping, or sometimes simply as "The Lifestyle" is consenting adults enjoying the experience of having sexual relationships with (multiple) partners other than their spouse.

    A common misconception is that swingers have sex with anyone. Except for a few events such as dogging or an orgy, the majority of swingers only have sex with people they find attractive. Do not think that by attending a swingers party you will be expected or allowed to have sex with any and everyone, unless the event is billed as a free for all or orgy, you will only be expected to interact with people who you find attractive and who find you attractive. At every swinging event everyone has the right to say "NO" at any time to anybody.

    There are many sub groups of swinging, some of which "purists" discard as not being genuine swinging, however, as a discriminated group, most of us do not discriminate against others with different tastes to our own.

    Swinging Includes (but is not limited to):

    • Partner Swapping - Pure swinging where 2 couples swap partners for a session of fun.
    • Swingers Parties - Where groups of swingers, both couples and singles, meet and swap in many different combinations.
    • Greedy Girls - These are ladies with a high sex drive who enjoy the attention of multiple partners.
    • Threesomes - Where a couple will bring either a single male or single female into their relationship for added fun.
    • Dogging - Car Park Sex, where people meet in various outdoor location for sex with complete strangers.
    • Soft Swinging - Where people will have sex with their own partners while being watched by other people.
    • Swinging Exhibitionists - Couples or sometimes single who like to show off their bodies, or to let people watch while they have sex.
    • Cuckolding - Where a mans partner (called a Hot Wife) will have sex with other men, sometimes at a different location, sometimes making the man watch.

    Since the advent of the internet swinging has become a more widely practiced lifestyle due to the ease of identifying and contacting people who want to live out similar fantasies. There are many swingers contact databases available. Many are run by corporations just in it for your money, some genuinely good smaller ventures started by genuine swingers come and sadly go very quickly, others such as dirty david and Adult Friend Finder have been online since the 1990's and have millions of members looking for fun in almost every corner of the globe.

    These sites allow their users to create detailed profiles about their likes and dislikes and what they are looking for in potential new play-mates. They also offer a quick and secure method of contacting each other.

    Happily, Swinging is legally practiced in most countries. There are a few countries which are still locked in the dark ages, where some people think they have the right to determine what others do for enjoyment, here swinging is still a very dangerous pastime with the penalty of death in most Moslem countries and China, however even in these countries people find a way to make contact and enjoy their lives. The year 2011 saw many restrictions lifted on the internet in Middle East countries, as a result we have seen an increase in the number of people using our swingers websites from this part of the world.


  2. Single men are not only allowed but encouraged in this community.

  3. Single women are also encouraged to be involved in this community. Almost every swing group or club accepts single women, especially Bi women.

  4. You are a big girl and/or have a few scars or other 'blemishes', so what! Those that are here know we are about the medium to big girls and all that comes with them. If it is not what they want they are definitely in the wrong place. Come and feel free to express yourself without judgment or ridicule.

  5. You are a big guy? Well the women that attend all understand that sexy comes in all shapes and sizes, but fellas do remember that you need to be well presented and smooth in your demeanor.

  6. Rules of Engagement


    These rules have been instituted as party etiquette to ensure that everyone in attendance has the best possible time. We are here to have fun and enjoy ourselves. Some of the rules may sound silly or obvious. Trust us, if we are saying something, it’s because it has been an issue in the past and we want to make sure we cover all bases.


    The rules are basically about respect. They fall within four basic elements of respect:


    1.  Respect for another’s personal space and privacy


    2.  Respect for your relationship, yourself and your personal health


    3.  Respect for the relationships of others


    4.  Respect for the “house”


     1.Respect for another’s personal space and privacy

     a.1. No Means No

     b.2. No Means No

        i.    Ladies – be nice. A simple, no thank you is sufficient. You don’t need to give him the gas face and say something snide. It takes a lot of courage for a man to walk across the room and ask you if he can be intimate with you. Please try not to disgrace him as you tell him Hell No.

         ii.    Fellas – do not mistake kindness for uncertainty. No means no, not “not right now” or ‘ask me again in 30 minutes” or “keep standing here saying ‘please, come on, please, please, come on. Come on… please’” or sneaking up on me while I am in the middle of a 6 man gangbang and try to get in where you fit in.

     1.  c.3. 3 foot rule is in effect

     d.4. No “Double-Dutching”

    e.5. Ask before you touch

     f.6. Wait your turn

     g.7. No arbitrary talking or heckling in the play areas

     h.8. What happens at a party, stays at a party

     i.9. Be mindful of sexual orientations

     j.10. Fellas, if you are involved in a 3some, and it’s time to change positions, remember to rotate to the left.


     2.Respect for your relationship, yourself and your  personal health

    a.11. Use condoms

     b.12. Wash between encounters

     c.13. Use the mouthwash provided

     d.14. Do not over drink

                i.    Fellas – Alcohol is a depressant

                ii.    Ladies – Drunkenness is not an excuse for doing something you didn’t want to do

     e.15. Do not do anything or anyone you don’t want to do

     f.16. If you hear your mate making a noise with someone else that they don’t make with you, it doesn’t mean that they like the other person better than you… only differently than you.

     g.17. Do not do something with another person that you will not do with your mate.

    h.18. Please do not do something that violates the boundaries that you have set up with your mate.


     3.Respect the relationships of others

     a.19. Clear it with the mate before you play with someone

     b.20. Respect a couples boundaries

     c.21. Do not fall in love with someone else’s mate

     d.22. Do not fall in love with anyone who has not implied that they are interested in you that way (singles included)


     4.Respect for the house


     b.24. If you have an issue with something your mate is doing or has done at this party, please wait until you get home to deal with it.

    c.25.You must leave here who you arrived with

     d.26. No nakedness around the food

     e.27. No playing in the bathroom(s)

     f.28. If you are in the shower, please leave the door unlocked for those who might have to pee

     g.29. If you have to pee while someone else is in the shower, be sure to ask if it’s okay. DO NOT FLUSH!

     h.30. If you are using the bathroom while someone else is taking a shower, please refrain from taking a shit

     i.31. If you have  a problem with something someone is doing please bring it to the attention of the hosts

     j.32. Please dispose of your used condoms in the proper receptacles

     k.33. If you step outside for a smoke, please dress appropriately

     l.35. Please keep the noise level down

     m.36. If there is a particular activity that is going on that you don’t like but it is not a violation of the rules as stated, please remove yourself from the situation.

  7. Yes we do take pictures and video. We will upon request limit the pictures taken or simply edit out identifying features. We don't always take pictures, but we wanted you to know that we do so you are not surprised.

  8. Membership is for those that we feel add value to our community. If there is an understanding that swinging is not for everyone, then please understand our community is not for all swingers.

  9. Want to just watch? Yes we will allow you to come to one event to only watch assuming you get through the application process. You will still have to pay for your ticket and you are still required to dress down out of street clothes (lingerie, and boxers are acceptable).

  10. Race or ethnicity is not a consideration for this group. If however it is for you, please don't bother applying. To each his own, but we don't want you here.